What a Year it's been!

As 2018 is coming to a close and I look back at the crazy adventure that is my life, I realize how blessed I truly am. What an incredible year it's been. Here's a quick recap of what went on;

Events in 2018 included:

-Aylmer Arts Council spring showcase

-ArtFest Toronto

-ArtFest Kingston

-Fantasy in the Forrest

-Gardens and Gifts

-Shawville Fair


-Fantasy in the Forrest Fall edition

-Onslow School craft fair

-Canadian Museum of History Christmas Market

-ArtFest Kingston Christmas edition

-Marche du vieux Aylmer (May-October)

-Portage Building Vendor Fairs (Monthly)

Teaching skyrocketed in 2018! I went from teaching my lunch hour mixed media and paper creations class at 1 elementary school twice a week to teaching in 4 different schools and offering 6 art club programs. I can honestly say the only way I got through keeping it all organized was thanks to my large collection of Thirty-One Large Utility totes. ( Any one who know's Thirty-One knows exactly what I'm talking about! ) I also continued to offer my 8 week Jewellery design course ( offered fall, winter, and spring) with the city of Gatineau which is heading into it's 5th year. Private classes in my home studio and smithing classes are also taking off.

It's truly been an amazing.... BUSY.... but still amazing year. I couldn't have done any of it with out the

endless support of my Husband, and family. Thank you Mom and Dad for coming with me to Toronto and helping me set up my booth in the rain... and then coming to Kingston and dying with me in the summer heat. Thank you Brendan for helping me tweak my display to perfection ( even if I wasn't always receptive to your ideas). Thank you to all the friends I've made along the way!

So what's in store for 2019? Well a lot of the same as far as events go, the list may get revised and I may try a few new events as they come my way but the biggest change for 2019 will be.... wait for it.... ONLINE SHOPPING! That's right it's finally happening!

Have a happy New Year everyone and my 2019 be a great one for us all!




© 2018 by Tanya McCormick